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Why we moved from Silicon Valley to Toronto. Guide to Permanent Residency in Canada.

Late last year (2016) we moved from our wonderful little place in Silicon Valley to Toronto, Canada. We did not quite know what to expect but we were ready for a new adventure. We knew that Canada has an inclusive culture with friendly people and free healthcare. Oh ya, also that it's pretty cold.

A lot of people were surprised that we were making this move. Silicon Valley is often the destination for most people and rightfully so. Also California, who would want to leave California.

And like most of these people I too love California and my life in Silicon Valley. The place has so much going for it that it's hard to complain. For us however the one big issue was "freedom". We were on a work visa and Greencards were a long uncertain wait. Having spent a major part of my adult life on restrictive visa's across the world, we needed a break and some permanence.

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The author Vikram Rangnekar is a tech nomad from India. He's studied Computer Science in the US and has lived in Singapore, California and now Toronto.

He is the co-founder of Webmatr and has written a book How to Build the Future"

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