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Toronto for Family and Kids

If you are moving to Toronto with children or planning on kids then this city is by the best place in North America to raise them. We moved to Toronto about a year ago, with two kids under 4 years from the United States and noticed a lot of differenc Read More

By Deepa Chaudhary

Frequently Asked Questions About Canada PR

How can I contact you or ask you a question not answered below? The best way to get your questions answered is join our community forums. If forum are private and you can pick any username. Best part is your not limited in anyway ask as many question Read More

Tech News Toronto October

I often call Toronto a young but fast growing tech center. In my opinion outside of Silicon Valley, Toronto is the only other major tech center in North America. I am starting a series of blog posts to back this claim by highlighting the exciting tec Read More

How to get a Job with Canadian Tech Companies

I want to address one of biggest concern people have, that is getting a job in Canada. I also want to clear some misconceptions around how its harder to get good jobs in Canada versus say the US. In the US foreign talent comes in mostly on a work vis Read More

A Guide to the Toronto Tech Ecosystem

Toronto has an active and growing tech scene but it cannot be compared with the valley. The valley has had a couple decades to evolve and is now a mature ecosystem. Toronto is a younger place when it comes to tech. That can be a good thing, getting i Read More

A Tech Nomad's Toronto Experience

I’m Loan a full-stack web developer from Paris, France. I work full time on freelance projects while traveling the world. My experience is mostly with Javascript and PHP. I’m pretty active on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter where I document my journe Read More

By Loan Laux

Our First Year Living In Toronto

We’re about to complete a year in Toronto and life here has been amazing. We are very happy with the neighborhood we chose to live in, the public transportation, schools, parks, people, cultural and public resources. We didn’t know what to expect whe Read More

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