Frequently Asked Questions About Canada PR

I am working in tech on an H1B should I apply for a Canadian PR?

Yes, I would say you should. Firstly because Canada is an amazing country with a great brand. And it is in need of the best tech talent and is happy to provide permanent residency and citizenship. The process to get those is easy, transparent and with a reasonable time frame.

As a H1B the wait time for getting a Greencard is getting longer and for some like those born in India it’s closing in on 20 plus years. Think about that, you will spend your entire productive life time on a highly restrictive visa. Yes, some of you will say the high salaries are worth it. But remember there is an opportunity cost and you will pay it. Also the slightest slip up or downturn can put you and your family on a plane back home. This sounded pretty unreasonable to me and not something I could get myself to accept for the long term. All the while your friends that choose other parts of the world are enjoying their citizenship’s, launching startups, bringing over their parents, traveling the world and enjoying their life while maybe not making as much as you.

Let me say this I love California and miss my life and friends there. But I also love Toronto and have a ton of new friends and a fun life here. I’m excited to be a part of a young but fast growing tech ecosystem. If the Toronto tech ecosystem was a startup I would say get in early since its heating up fast.

I love the freedoms I have here. As a PR you have all the rights of a citizen except the right to vote and hold political office. In a couple more years I can apply for citizenship of this amazing country.

US State Department Visa Bulletin 2006

Cato Institue Greencard Wait Time

The Canadian government has launched a new fast work visa process. In 2 weeks you can get a Canadian work visa. This is great because no only will you have a great job but now you can claim extra points for a Canadian job with applying for PR

Getting a Tech Job in Toronto

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As an software / tech person can I apply for a Canadian PR?

Canada needs skilled tech talent. While they are working on growing their own. The experience that people working in Silicon Valley bring is invaluable and will accelerate the tech ecosystem in cities like Toronto.

Alternatively the Canadian government has launched a new fast work visa process. In 2 weeks one can get a Canadian work visa.

Getting a Tech Job in Toronto

Do I need a lawyer to file for the Canadian PR?

That depends on your case. While the process is relatively simple and transparent your case could be unique.

We did the PR process on our own and the biggest part of it was collecting documents. I’ve blogged about the the whole application process that we went though called called Express Entry.

How long did the entire PR process take you?

The entire process from collecting the documents to creating the express entry profile took about 6 months.

Canadian PR Application Processing Time

Top Questions Canadian PR Application Processing Time

What does getting a PR granted you?

  1. Get social benefits equal to Canadian citizens
  2. Government paid health care
  3. Live, work or study anywhere in Canada
  4. Freedom to launch your own startup or business
  5. Freedom to remote work for companies anywhere
  6. Worry free entry and exit to and from Canada
  7. Visa free holiday travel to few countries like Costa Rica, Bahamas, etc
  8. We can apply for Canadian Citizenship at a future date
  9. Get super-visa’s for parents and grandparents (Stay up to 2 years)
  10. Sponsor partners, parents and grandparents for PR

Can your spouse or other dependants work on PR?

Yes, we included our whole family so everyone got PR and therefore all the freedom to work in Canada.

Does your whole family have to file for PR or just you?

I was the principal applicant and all other family members were included as dependants.

I have a CRS score of X will I be invited ?

If you are working in tech on an H1B its very likely that you will have a high enough CRS score to apply. I would think the acceptable score is relative to others applicants. The process is very transparent and data on scores that received invites is available though the link below.

Express Entry invitation statistics

CRS Explained

What do I need to do for the Educational Credential Evaluation (ECA)

ECA is a certification to show that your completed foreign credential (degree, diploma or certificate) is equal to a completed Canadian secondary school (high school) or post-secondary credential. There are various independent companies that do the assessment for you. We used WES Canada.

WES Canada Required Documents

Educational Credential Evaluation

Will I get a job in tech?

Getting a job is just as hard or easy in Canada as anywhere else. Tech companies in Toronto are looking for experienced talent so with a little networking it shouldn’t be hard to get a job. As a PR you can negotiate on equal ground and not have visa transfer’s and other formalities to worry about. There are so many other options, you can work remote for US companies (GitHub, Automattic, Zapier, etc) So many Silicon Valley startups are fully distributed. Finally for some of you the best option might be to start your own business.

Are tech salaries lower in Toronto

CAD is a little lower then USD right now so that is a salary cut right there. Toronto is not California or NYC so salaries will be a little lower just like if you had moved to a second tier city in the US. Keep in mind that the cost of living and taxes here are lower that in US tech centers. All this while you still get to enjoy a major city with lots to do, and a pretty amazing country too. You also get much more back in services for your tax dollars. In the end you have to define your own priorities.

Additionally keep in mind healthcare, great education and other such rights are free in Canada (Paid for by your tax dollars). These are costs that you will have to save for an bear in the US. College tuitions costs are only going up and I don’t even know where to begin with healthcare costs. These are massive expenses that most of you will be saving for and Canadian’s will not be.

Additionally the freedom of PR will give you the right to start a business, your spouse to work, etc. These freedoms are worth a lot.

How is the tech scene in Toronto?

I have written about the Toronto Tech Scene, go read that.

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