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Daneal Charney

Daneal Charney is the Director for Talent MaRS Venture Services. MaRS Discovery District is Toronto's and maybe even the world’s largest tech innovation hub. Located in the heart of the city, MaRS is on the forefront of supporting and promoting the exciting and fast growing tech center that is Toronto. Daneal is a champion for bringing skilled tech talent into Toronto. -- Editor Movnorth

I will personally introduce you to the Toronto Tech company of your dreams

Here is my standing offer to introduce you to a Toronto tech company. I am approached daily by people who want to work within the MaRS ecosystem. I work in MaRS Venture Services where we advise more than 1000 start, growth and scale companies across energy & environment, finance & commerce, health and work & learning sectors. MaRS Discovery District is the world’s largest urban innovation hub - a place where startups work alongside of researchers working on regenerative medicine, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, and corporations like Autodesk and Facebook.

If you have a verifiable track record and would like to work in one of Toronto’s high-growth companies, I can probably introduce you to the right companies or people. The Toronto job ecosystem is growing like gangbusters, in fact faster than New York and the Valley combined, and we need more experienced talent to fuel the hyper-growth. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Here is what I need to facilitate an introduction.

  1. Figure out your key requirements. If you don’t know what you are looking for then others can’t help you. What stage of growth is your target company (revenue, investment)? What industry or vertical are you interested in? What technologies excite you? What role are you looking for and at what level? What are other deal breakers that part of your requirements list? (leadership team, diversity, culture, location, commitment, timeline, etc.)

  2. Narrow down the target list of companies or interesting people you want to meet. When people are interested in companies in the MaRS ecosystem I refer them to the list here. If you are interested specifically in companies powered by AI then here are some companies you should check out: Sensibill,,, Rank,,, Imsrv, Beagle, Plum, Fortay and Bioconnect. MaRS AI as a force for good and the extensive list that the MOV North site maintains Top 30+ Startups and Tech companies in Toronto

  3. Pitch your value and contribution. Now that you have a list of companies or people you want introductions to, you should figure out exactly how you can help these company grow. In other words, your value proposition to these companies. Recently I introduced someone to a few tech companies after he gave me a highly personalized note for each of the three startups on why he was excited about joining them and specifically where he could contribute to their growth. This made my introductions easy. It was obvious he had done in-depth research well beyond their web site. He showed a passion for their purpose and related his skill set to what they were trying to accomplish.

  4. Congratulations, you got the introductions. Now get those meetings set up. Book a 15-30- minute exploratory conversations. Headline what you are looking for clearly. Ask for 1-2 more people you should be talking to at the conclusion of each conversation. Offer to help the other person with your own social network. And last…but not least, let me know the results of the meeting. I am much likelier to help someone again if they let me know the result of my efforts.

  5. A link to a completed Linkedin profile. It is your online identity and is often the first thing looked at when anyone is vetting you. Please treat your profile as if you were using it to apply for a job keep it complete and give details about the projects you’ve worked on.

To get your request to MaRS email us at

Toronto is a fast growing and very exciting tech center in addition to being a great city for you and your family. We are excited to welcome experienced tech talent to come and make Canada their home and help us build the future of tech right here.

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