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Entrepreneur & Data Scientist

I worked in Silicon Valley and New York with Evernote, Jet.com, MZ, and Citigroup building data-powered products. I moved to Toronto in 2018 to work on my startup. Moving to Canada from the US with PR gave me this great sense of freedom, not having to worry about visa anymore.

Software Developer, Instacart

I moved from Kansas to Toronto with my wife in 2018 to work for Instacart. I spent 9 years in the US, went to univ. there and then worked at Netapp. I love the energy of Toronto city, awesome connectivity, and great food options.

Founder MOV North

I moved from Silicon Vally to Toronto in 2016 after working for 6 years at LinkedIn. My life in the valley was great, I had the best job ever. The only thing I didn't have was the freedom to work on my own ideas so I moved to Toronto with a PR and started MOV North to inspire others.

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To receive job offers from companies and to network with others in the tech industry who've moved to Canada

What about the work visa?

Yes, the companies we work with are open to bringing in talent under the new GTS (Global Talent Stream) fast work visa

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Yes, your information is only available to companies hiring in Canada on our platform

We work with companies hiring under the new fast work visa

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