Guide to Global Talent Stream the New Canadian Fast Work Visa.

Want to earn extra points for your Canada PR or would like to be living in Canada without going through a lengthy PR process. Here’s some good news for you. The Canadian government has launched a new fast work visa program (2 weeks processing time) called Global Talent Stream. The goal is to accelerate the placement of highly skilled foreign talent with Canadian firms or global tech brands that are setting up base in Canada.

The skills/occupations that qualify under the fast work visa program are all related to software technology. Technical skills are in high demand in Canada currently to fulfill the talent needs of fast growing tech sector. These jobs are also some of the highest paying jobs with minimum salaries close to CAD 100K.

This I believe is the fastest work visa offered by any country. The Canadian government has launched this visa as a two years pilot project at the end of which they will decide if to continue or not. So if you think you qualify for the skill sets identified under the Global Talent Stream we highly encourage you to apply for Canadian Tech jobs and make use of it while the program lasts.

Below is a list of occupations and their respective NOC codes that qualify for this visa.

  • 0213 - Computer and information systems managers
  • 2147 - Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
  • 2171 - Information systems analysts and consultants
  • 2172 - Database analysts and data administrators
  • 2173 - Software Engineers and designers
  • 2174 - Computer programmers and interactive media developers
  • 2175 - Web designers and developers
  • 2283 - Information systems testing technicians
  • 2241 - Electrical, electronics engineering technologists & technicians
  • 5131 (Limited subsets) - Producer, technical, creative and artistic director and project manager – Visual effects and video game. The position must require a minimum of five years of experience in the visual effects, video game or animation industries in one or a combination of the following roles: producer, technical director, creative director, artistic director or project manager, with experience in at least one or more of the following skills relevant to the visual effects, video game or animation industries: surfacing and look development; character or simulation rigging; matte painting; or technical pipeline development and application for visual effects, video games, or animation production.
  • 5241 (Limited subsets) - Digital media designers. The position must require a minimum of five years of experience in at least one of the following digital media design skills: 3D modeling, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital media animation, levels editing for digital media design, software editing for digital media design, pipeline software development or applications relevant for digital media design
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