Moving From H1B To Canadian Permanent Residency (PR)

We know from experince that you always need specific personal advice around your PR application, Jobs in Canada, Moving here, etc. We highly recommend you join the forum to help you succeed.
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Some of the Topics Covered:

  • Preparing for the IELTS
  • IELTS Exam center experiences
  • How to get Educational Credential Assessment for your degree
  • WES Canada and sending documents
  • Getting a job in Canada
  • Tech jobs and required skills
  • Connect with other new Canadian PR’s

Why Should I Join?

Connect with hundreds of of people interested in moving to Canada. We learned that its the small details that cause people the most amount of stress and confusion. Our experience from connecting with so many of you told us that everyone has questions.

Don’t spend countless hours searching online for answers that either won’t apply to you, be out of date or wrong. Our forum community was created to help you succeed and get the best talent to Canada.

The entire forum community is filled with people in very similar situations to you. So why not join, it’s the best decision you can make.

Our members have questions and discussions about everything from moving here, finding great jobs, networking, housing and questions about schools, kids and living here. The best thing we can do for Canada is help talent like you succeed here.

More Reasons to Join

The MOV North site started off with just me sharing my own personal story. of my move from Silicon Valley to Toronto. It instantly went viral sparking off a mini movement.

We help hundreds of people who are in the process of moving to Canada. And thousands who are in the early planning stage. People write in to tell me how my story helped inspire them to choose Canada. And others need help with the process or making the decision to move.

My aim is to build a goto community to help a new generation of highly skilled talent who want to call Canada home.

What Our Existing Members are Saying

I get mail everyday from people who say the site helped them be more confident about Canada and helped them get though the process faster.

  1. I’m in tech on an H1B your story is mine too. I wanted to thank you for all the information you have provided. I am inspired to move to Canada after I read your post.

  2. I have lived in SF bay area for last few years, worked for a few IoT start ups. Your site got me excited to explore moving to Vancouver/Toronto.

  3. We are both Software Engineers living in the south bay. Your blog really got us thinking and my wife and I have decided to start the process to move to Canada.

  4. I read through your blog and it has a ton of great information. Thank you so much for putting that together. I plan to start moving and hope your site can help me along the way.

  5. I want to say thanks I have started interviewing with a few tech companies in Toronto. Very excited to move to Canada. I would like to thank this community, it helped a lot.

Why we started MOV North

Honestly it was from all the feedback. You asked for it. People wrote in to tell me how my story got them thinking but they need help with jobs, networking with the tech community, planning the move and a lot more.

What better than build a network. A community of highly skilled talent, who want to come to Toronto to and make it their home.

A community to help make your plan a big success and continue to help with build relationships and succeeding in Canada.

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Disclaimer, Content on this site is not legal advice
We are not immigration lawyers or consultants. This website only documents our opinions and experiences. For all legal questions we would advice going to a real lawyer. We are not responsible for your actions and decisions. The MOV North community is also not to be considered legal advice. It is merely a community forum to share insights about moving to Canada.