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Experienced tech candidates from the US and other tech centers looking to move to Canada and interview now!
Sidharth Kumar
India, Masters, Big Data/DevOps Engineer
Big Data Serverless CI/CD Kubernetes Containers Cloud AWS Docker
Brian Le
Vietnam, Bachelors, Senior Android Developer
Mobile Android Wearables Android Java8 Kotlin React Native RxJava
Karan Roy
USA, PHD, Senior Machine Learning Engineer
ML Deep Learning Natural Language Proc. Python C++ TensorFlow NLTK Scikit-Learn
Xiang Ru
USA, Masters, MS Computer Science
Distributed Systems Backend Development Cloud Computingg AWS Fullstack Ruby on Rails Java
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Frequently asked questions

Why should we use MOV ✈︎ North HIRE?

MOV North is the only place to find international tech talent that’s interested in moving to Canada. We give you access to highly skilled international tech talent from global tech centers like the US, India, Singapore that are ready to interview now.

How did you build this exclusive pipeline of international tech talent?

We started with our founder’s story of moving from Silicon Valley to Toronto after working for 6 years at LinkedIn. The story of the move went viral on LinkedIn and caught the attention of global media with coverage in Bloomberg, Forbes, CNBC, Quartz, Times Of India, The Globe and Mail and many more publications. The story spread like wildfire and inspired thousands of people working in tech to consider Canada. Thousands of engineers reaching out to us daily expressing interest in working for Canadian companies. We are the go-to-site for tech talent worldwide to discover Canada and the platform where talent interested in moving to Canada gets hired.

What kind of candidates can I find?

Candidates on our platform have varied technical skills ranging from Software Engineers, Frontend / Backend / Fullstack Developers, Data Scientist, Machine Learning, Blockchain Developers, Quality Assurance / Test Automation Engineers and many more. Most any popular tech skill you're looking to hire for you'll find on MOV ✈︎ North HIRE.

About 70% of our talent is from the US with experience in companies like LinkedIn, Paypal, Google, Twitter, Cisco, Apple, etc. Others are from global tech centers like Asia. Majority of our talent are experienced engineers. We also have new grads. And YES, they are all excited about moving to Canada and to contribute to the Canadian tech economy.

How can we hire international candidates?

The government is currently promoting bringing in skilled international talent into Canada. Our immigration partner law firm can handle the entire process for you at a special rate.

How does your product help me find candidates?

MOV ✈︎ North HIRE is simple to use. Just create a targeted job specifying the skills you are looking for and our system automatically takes care of the rest. Your job is actively sent out to candidates with matching skills getting you more relevant applicants. All you need to do is sit back and see your talent pipeline filling up. You can also use the in built search functionality to look for candidates with specific skills.

How do I contact Candidates I Like?

We have an built-in smart messaging system. We highly encourage you to make first contact with the candidate through our messaging system as it cuts through email filters and ensures a response from the candidate.

How does your pricing work?

Our unique pricing model makes it possible for companies of every size to hire on MOV ✈︎ North HIRE. We offer monthly subscription plans that that you can turn on and off anytime you want. We have multiple pricing plans to suit your hiring goals.

Say goodbye to expensive recruiting agencies and hello to our software powered platform that enables your to hire better and more for less. Annual subscription discount available.

What are profile views as mentioned in your pricing?

A profile view is when you view the full profile information about the candidate including their resume and contact details.

For search we provide you a short mini profile of each resulting candidate. This mini profile highlights key information about the candidates and helps you decide to either view the profile or not.

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