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MOV North in the News

Canada becoming an in-demand destination for foreign tech talent – The Globe & Mail

Though he had co-founded two companies previously and worked at LinkedIn’s head office in Silicon Valley for six years, Vikram Rangnekar’s H-1B visa did not allow him to start a company of his own on American soil.

Between the visa restrictions and the soaring cost of living in the Valley, the Indian-born entrepreneur and author decided last year that it was time to move his family to a new country.

I moved from Silicon Valley to Toronto, and now I’m getting others to do the same – Toronto Life

I was born in Bombay, but I moved to the U.S. for college, to study computer science. Once I was done with that, I wanted to found a company, but I couldn’t. I was on a student visa, so it wasn’t legally possible. I moved to Singapore in 2006, because it seemed like a more accepting place, and I built a company there: Socialwok, an enterprise collaboration platform,similar to Slack. We won a TechCrunch competition in 2009

Vikram Rangnekar’s MOV North Aims to Inspire Skilled Immigrants to Move to Toronto – Startup Here Toronto

When one of serial entrepreneur Vikram Rangnekar’s posts about moving from Silicon Valley to Toronto went viral, he realized he struck a nerve. Shortly thereafter he launched MOV North, a membership-based website to share his journey through permanent residency and navigating his new city.

Why you should move to Toronto from Silicon Valley – IT World Canada

If you live in Silicon Valley, chances are Toronto isn’t the first place you’d think of if you’re looking to move. But according to MOVNorth, it should be.

The website, which founder Vikram Rangnekar says aims to be the resource for everything you’d need to know about moving to what is “the best kept secret in North America,” came about after Rangnekar himself decided to consider moving from Silicon Valley to Toronto in 2015 and realized he knew very little about how to go about doing so.

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